Welcome to the Underworld Novel Series by Con Template

When it comes to reading, I get pretty particular about my authors and get obsess with the collections of books the author may have written and have stored up in their shelves! I want to read them all!

In 2008, Con Template first debut her online fiction work, “Welcome to the Underworld” in the Soomp! forum. When I first came across her work, I thought she was just author who wrote A LOT with no attention grabber.

I was so wrong.

Once I read her material, I eventually fell in love with her and her work. I got sucked in on her creative storyline, her sweet character, Chooi Yoori, and her charming, witty, —oh so sexy male lead, Kwon Taehyun!

Her writing was so engaging, it drew a lot of attention from other readers as well. When “Welcome the the Underworld” ended in the forum, I cried because I knew the adventures had ended and there would be no more magic. Con had pulled and gathered up so many emotions from us that you just had to cry.

To this day, I still think “Welcome to the Underworld” was so well-done compared to other writers who were presenting their stories in the forum. It was definitely on its own level. If you were to ask what Kpop fanfiction stories made it big in the forum, Welcome to the Underworld certainly made it.

Since 2012, Con had taken the extra step of not just being the writer behind our computer screens but taking action to publishing her debuted work into four humorously, polished, and heart-wrenching parts.

With all above said, I was asked by Con Template to create graphic teasers for her third book in the series, “The War of Gods” which was just published on April 28th, 2014.

I felt so honored to be a part of her writing journey, I said yes!

Here are some of my graphic design teasers I made for her book. (I did not design her book cover)

Definitely check her out!

Blog: http://contemplate13.wordpress.com/

Our Society

I'll give you the stars and the moon, Princess. And maybe even a city to go along with it."

“I’ll give you the stars and the moon, Princess. And maybe even a city to go along with it.”


WTTU BOOKSwardofgods

Links to purchase the Welcome to the Underworld series:
Welcome to the Underworld on Amazon: http://goo.gl/UhUh00
The Fall of Gods on Amazon: http://goo.gl/KTT8eg
The War of Gods on Amazon,: http://goo.gl/qkSUzf

More designs can be found on my Pinterest board:

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