It’s late.

No seriously, it’s late, late.

Everything is late but I also think there’s a reason for everything to fall where it should. Like everything happens for a reason but exactly when it’s supposed to.

So, here I am. *GRINS*

I will be releasing a new clothing product come April! I have a lot of ideas and plans but to execute, prepare, and launch is harder done than said. I mention in my last post new things were coming in February? (SOME DID!) but like I said, it’s late.

So currently, I’ve been working with Adobe Aftereffects (video editing program) and it has been fun! Here are two of my latest projects! Take a look!

This second video was very hard to complete. In 2013, I really didn’t know anything about my dad’s past because I never thought to ask. So during July 4th, 2013, I had time off and flew back to Wisconsin. I asked my dad for an interview about his life journey and he said yes. An hour after his interview, his life journey was an eye opener. I learned so many things that I never would have known if I didn’t asked. From his personal thoughts, heartbreak, adolescence, family, war, arrival in America, and marriage, I was able to understand him a lot better. This teaser is just a preview of the Menu page. The film will not be released to the public.

This post is very short but I really wanted to put something in for March Madness.

Lastly, check out an illustration request I drew! Get yours here:



Before I go, I encourage YOU to ask your family members about their life journey so far and record it. It’s a dream of mine to record more family members but as of now, I can’t touch it just yet. 🙂

See you in April or sooner!


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