Innocence of Hmong Beauty Graphic Tee is coming soon!

Happy April 2015!

This year has been going so fast! It’s already SPRING, can you believe it?!!

Nope! I can’t!

SO TODAY, I have a BIG announcement!! My first (second) graphic tee design is finally coming out this month! Yayyyyy! I’m so excited because I’ve been working on this since January 2015 and to be able to make it possible and share it with you all—I am just very happy and blessed to even make it this far.

I hope you guys stay tune because I’ll be giving away some gifts as well!

If you haven’t already seen the video teaser, please click below! 🙂


Moreover, have you see this?


There’s actually a sweet and funny story attached to it. My mom has been looking for some of her best friends ever since she left Laos in late 1970s. Magically, through odd connections with my brother’s girlfriend and Facebook, my mom and one of best friends finally reconnected! My whole family is super happy for her. Early this year, she had another friend who recently passed away as well so to find another of her best friends in the States, this was a very happy time for her.

With this re-connection of friendship, my mom demanded me to “fix it” her photos. It’s sweet because they found each other again. It’s funny because my mom always asks me to do odd jobs for her and I usually say, “No,” but this time, she was on top of it.

A Conversation:

Me: Mom, do you want color too?
Mom: Ehhh, can you put color into it?
Dad: Ehhh, can you put color into it?
Me: I think so.
Mom & Dad: Put color into it.

(And then she adds a list of things she wants for prints, where to print it and then, asks if I have any other projects that she’s apart of and if I want to share it with her, haha!)

Mom: Okay, ua tsaug rau txhua yam!! Txhua, txhua yammmm! (she exaggerates this)
Me: Haha, bye, Mom.

I hope you got a kick out of this. When she got a hold on her images, I heard she was super happy and that makes me happy too. ❤

Before I go, I wanted to show you guys my latest digitalized custom portrait I created for my sister as well. ❤ If you want your own personal portrait, click the photo to my etsy shop!

pakou pakou protrait


Stay awesome! See ya soon!

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